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My returns and refunds

What are the returns and refunds conditions?

To return some or all of your Internet order:

Return your goods in their original packaging, unworn, unwashed, and in perfect condition for resale, with the return form duly completed, to the following address:

Service Web - Retour Client
Lieu-dit les vingt deux
ZAC de Lauwin Planque
59553 LAUWIN-PLANQUE - France

The return shipping costs along with any and export costs (for residents outside the European Union) will be payable by you.
Upon receipt of your return, we will send you a confirmation email specifying the amount of the refund.
We will re-credit the debit/credit card or PayPal account used for the initial payment of your order.
Remember to keep a note of the order number, references of all items returned, the return time and if possible the number of the return– in the event of your needing to contact us, we will be able to contact you very quickly with this useful information!

Have you received my return?

Depending on the carrier used to make your return, it could take up to 14 days for it to reach us.
Rest assured, as soon as our warehouse receives your return, we will send you a refund confirmation email.
If you have not received a confirmation email within 14 days, please contact our customer service team with the following information:

- Order number
- Reference of all items returned
- Return date
- Return number (if possible)

You will be informed as soon as we receive your return

My refund amount is incorrect?

Following a return, is the amount of your refund not what you expecting?
Please remember that if you used a promotional code when validating your order, this was divided between each article.
If, despite this, you still notice a discrepancy, our customer service team will explain the refunded amount in detail. If there is an error on our part, we will immediately rectify it, of course!

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